Interested in becoming a Freemason? It all begins with YOU! Below are the requirements and some instructions to start your journey. Becoming a mason is most likely easier then you realize. The best way to join our Fraternity is to ask a Freemason about Freemasonry. If you would like to join a Masonic Lodge in the 8th District, or to join another Lodge in New Jersey or around the world, and fit the requirements, email our District Deputy.


What are the absolute requirements?
  • Being a man at least 18 years old
  • Having a belief in a Supreme Being. (No particular religion or faith is required or excluded. All are welcome.)
  • You must be able afford the initiation fees and the annual dues without causing hardship to yourself or your family.
  • You should be entering Masonry of your own free will and accord.
Are there any other considerations?
  • You should be someone eager to join a Fraternity consisting of men from different; backgounds, faiths, races, countries. Masonry is universal in its ideals.
  • If you are a family man, Masonry considers that your family obligations come FIRST, so you must be sure that:
  1. You have the time to participate (usually two or three evenings per month, - often more if you get involved in lodge activities.)  
  2. By coming to Masonry of your own free will and accord, you should be willing to learn to improve yourself and to enjoy the company of other good people, not because of selfish motives.
How To join Freemasonry?
  • Ask a Freemason (Preferably someone that you know.) or...
  • You can find nearby Lodges listed in your phonebook. (White-pages listings for Lodges may be under "Masons", "Freemasons", "Masonic Apartments", or "Masonic Temple"), or...
  • Send an email to our District Webmaster, to start your journey in Freemasonry.


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